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STREAM 4s & 5s


Every child enters kindergarten with a range of physical, cognitive and social skills. Often children who turn 5 during the summer months, or are facing other learning challenges, need the gift of time and opportunity to develop their academic readiness skills.

Our STREAM program — Science, Technology, Religion, Expression, Arts and Mathematics — helps a child who is 4 or 5 to acquire the skills to be developmentally ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten students also need to be developmentally ready for the social and emotional challenges that are required in a full-day classroom. Children enrolled in STREAM will be learning in a collaborative Christ-Centered environment that will stretch their social abilities in small groups and partnerships.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Letter Recognition and Letter Sounds
  • Number recognition and counting to 20
  • Peer Collaboration in Small Groups
  • Verbalize Cause & Effect
  • Prediction through Experiments
  • Develop 20 Minute Attention Span
  • Build Onto Spanish & Music Skills
  • Handle Conflict with Self-Control


Our STREAM 4s and 5s students meet 12:15-3:10pm Monday through Friday. If you need a full day, your child would join the full-day Preschool Plus childcare classroom before his or her afternoon class.

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