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Lunch Program

Peace Lutheran School, in conjunction with the Saginaw Township Schools, offers a hot lunch program to its students. Click the link to the right to view this month’s lunch calendar.

More Information

  • Each student will be issued a lunch card which he/she will need to present when they go through the lunch line. Cards will be kept in the classroom and given to students just before lunch.

  • A student lunch is $1.95, and a separate milk is $0.60 each. (Milk is included in a hot lunch meal). Students may pay the cash amount as they go through the line.

  • Any dollar amount may be deposited on a student’s account. The amount is then debited when the student eats hot lunch or purchases milk.

  • The cashier will inform the student when he or she has used up the amount in their account or are close to doing so. Students may also request their balance when they present their lunch card.

  • Money for hot lunch should be sent in an envelope with the child’s first and last name and class designation written on the outside. Please make checks payable to STCS (Saginaw Township Community Schools). We would prefer to receive payments on Monday. However, payments will be accepted any day of the week.

  • It is fine to send payment for all members of the family in one envelope provided the envelope clearly indicates which student and in what class should be credited.

  • Students are to place their envelope in the large hot lunch envelope the teacher has prior to the beginning of class.

  • Saginaw Township Community Schools Hot Lunch Program handles all hot lunch accounts. The school office is only able to pass things on to them.


  • If a student does not have money in their account or with them, he/she will still be allowed to eat hot lunch that day.

  • IOUs must be repaid the next school day. If a student accumulates 1 IOU, they will be given a peanut butter sandwich, fruit, and milk until their account is brought up to date. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • If a student has an outstanding IOU, that will first be deducted from any deposit made to their account.

  • Account balances may now be accessed online. You first need to obtain a login and password by e-mailing To check a balance, log onto the website at and enter your login and password.