Gather. Grow. Go.

Peace Foundation

Promoting ministry, growth, & educational opportunities, tying our present & future together.

What is the Peace Foundation?

The Peace Lutheran Church and School foundation provides financial resources and support for sustaining the ministries of both the Church and School. A gift to the Foundation helps us meet current and future needs and makes a difference in the life of the Congregation as a whole. It is “a gift that keeps on giving”.

Foundation Funds

Funds received, held and distributed by the Peace Foundation.

  • General Fund
    • Generates income for the Peace General Fund for basic operating expenses. Operating expenses for the foundation come from this fund. 50% of all undesignated funds are deposited here.
  • Trust Fund
    • Yearly grants given to ministries of Peace Lutheran for special projects. Available by request. (Youth Gatherings, Landscaping, Special Projects, etc.) 50% of all undesignated funds are deposited here.
  • Student Tuition Assistance Fund
    • Used to assist families of Peace Church that cannot afford full tuition.
  • Teacher Assistance Fund (Gary H. Campbell, Paris LeRoy, Jennifer Rossi)
    • Used to provide aid for teachers to pursue educational opportunities, special projects, etc., for enhancing and promoting the educational experience of Peace School children.
  • V. Beiser Family Fund
    • Funds used for Adams Campus Facility Projects
  • Lawndale Campus Fund
    • Funds to be used for operations and special projects at the Lawndale Campus of Peace Lutheran Church and School.
  • Future Church Worker Scholarship Fund
    • Yearly assistance is provided to members of Peace attending LCMS colleges to become full-time church workers (Pastors, Teachers, Directors of Christian Education and Missionaries).


2020-2021 Board Members

  • David Meyer– President
  • Suellen Estes – Treasurer
  • Gina Butcher – Secretary
  • Todd Arner
  • Sue Breen
  • Gary Campbell
  • Jon Hansen
  • Jack Provenzano
  • Joe Shaver

Are you interested in building a Legacy?    Do you want to invest in the future of Peace School & Church? Do you want to establish a Fund/Memorial? Contact Alina Doud at or call 989.792.2581 Ext. 203


All assets of the Foundation are professionally managed through Huntington Bank and Yeo & Yeo.

Amount Awarded for 2020:

$ 53,181

PEACE Connections- Jan. 21, 2021

Foundation Grant to Help Fund Surveillance at Peace

Thanks to a Peace Foundation grant of $4,520, Peace will begin installing Phases 1 and 2 of a video surveillance camera system at both campuses this winter. These first two phases will cost about $10,000. However, after receiving two grants and two gifts-in-kind, the project is more than fully funded. Peace staff and members will be handling the installation and programming. Phases 3 and 4 will be considered as new grants and, hopefully, more gifts-in-kind become available.