Gather. Grow. Go.

Peace Foundation

Promoting ministry, growth, & educational opportunities, tying our present & future together.

What is the Peace Foundation?

The Peace Lutheran Church and School foundation provides financial resources and support for sustaining the ministries of both the Church and School. A gift to the Foundation helps us meet current and future needs and makes a difference in the life of the Congregation as a whole. It is “a gift that keeps on giving”.

Foundation Funds

Funds received, held and distributed by the Peace Foundation.

  • General Fund
    • Generates income for the Peace General Fund for basic operating expenses. Operating expenses for the foundation come from this fund. 50% of all undesignated funds are deposited here.
  • Trust Fund
    • Yearly grants given to ministries of Peace Lutheran for special projects. Available by request. (Youth Gatherings, Landscaping, Special Projects, etc.) 50% of all undesignated funds are deposited here.
  • Student Tuition Assistance Fund
    • Used to assist families of Peace Church that cannot afford full tuition.
  • Teacher Assistance Fund (Gary H. Campbell, Paris LeRoy, Jennifer Rossi)
    • Used to provide aid for teachers to pursue educational opportunities, special projects, etc., for enhancing and promoting the educational experience of Peace School children.
  • V. Beiser Family Fund
    • Funds used for Adams Campus Facility Projects
  • Lawndale Campus Fund
    • Funds to be used for operations and special projects at the Lawndale Campus of Peace Lutheran Church and School.
  • Future Church Worker Scholarship Fund
    • Yearly assistance is provided to members of Peace attending LCMS colleges to become full-time church workers (Pastors, Teachers, Directors of Christian Education and Missionaries).


2020-2021 Board Members

  • David Meyer– President
  • Suellen Estes – Treasurer
  • Gina Butcher – Secretary
  • Todd Arner
  • Sue Breen
  • Gary Campbell
  • Jon Hansen
  • Jack Provenzano
  • Joe Shaver

Are you interested in building a Legacy?    Do you want to invest in the future of Peace School & Church? Do you want to establish a Fund/Memorial? Contact Alina Doud at or call 989.792.2581 Ext. 203


All assets of the Foundation are professionally managed through Huntington Bank and Yeo & Yeo.

Amount Awarded for 2020:

$ 53,181

PEACE Connections- May 20, 2021

Foundation Teacher Assistance Grants

This year’s Peace Foundation Teacher Assistance Grants were awarded for the 2021-22 school year to the teachers listed below. Thank you to our generous donors to the foundation who make it possible to provide extra funding for special projects, items, etc., that fall outside of the school budget. 

Preschool and Multi-Age PM Preschool Teacher, Leigh Zolton
Jesus Bears for preschoolers with Jesus Loves Me patch

2nd Grade Teacher, Lori Drinan
New books for classroom library

PreK/STREAM Teacher, Tammy Kelly
New toys to replace broken or damaged toys

Early Childhood Director, Kathi Pearson
Cooking/baking projects for Summer Camp, K-5 based on continents

Multi-Age Childcare Teacher, Lauren Schonfeld
Educational toys, classroom supplies

Toddler Care Teacher, Mary Rood
Toys and manipulatives for developing fine motor skills

6th Grade Teacher, Jennifer Rossi
Classroom set of compasses

Art Teacher, Connie Wollenweber
Picture books to continue to build Art Room library

Infant Room Teacher, Connie Oliver
New toys for fine motor play for older infants 12-18 months

8th Grade Teacher, Renae Darling
Online supplemental programs for 21st Century subset skills

3rd Grade Teacher, Rebecca Makowski
Flex seating environment/workstations

Total Amount Awarded