Gather. Grow. Go.


Welcome to Peace Lutheran School!

I’m very pleased you’ve taken the time to visit our school’s website. While we have much information about the school here, it’s only a brief snapshot of what really takes place in our school community.  

Peace Lutheran School’s mission and vision are “…disciples who GATHER, GROW and GO to make disciples.” Simply put, we are so much more than just an institution that successfully prepares young children for the next academic experience. Our school has a much loftier goal in effectively equipping students and families for sharing the saving faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ, in all aspects of their lives.

We GATHER together as a family of sinful, imperfect humans realizing the need for forgiveness found only in the Word and sacraments of our Lord. We enjoy the eternal peace that forgiveness provides, and it shapes the relationships we cultivate both here at school and elsewhere.

Obviously, our family’s intent is to GROW as disciples of our Lord. Peace Lutheran students are provided opportunities to grow academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually through learning experiences provided by top-quality educators and challenging programs that are tailored for every learning ability. Peace Lutheran School is a Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools, Michigan District, and National Lutheran School Association accredited school.

Lastly, our students and their families GO out into the world daily to lead and teach. We are charged by our Lord to lead and teach in all areas: home, school and community, and stages of our lives, preschooler through adult. There is time in our earthly lives at which we are done with this important work our Lord has given us. We fervently carry on this task until the day our heavenly Father calls us home for eternity.

I warmly invite and strongly encourage you to visit our school family. Several options for visiting are found here. Whether you are a parent of a prospective student or just want to hear more about what makes us different as a Lutheran Christian school, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My hope and prayer is that our school’s purpose is one you not only experience on our website, but also in the lives of our students and families!

Serving Him by Serving You,


Joel Keup