Gather. Grow. Go.

Youth Parents

Dear Parents

What dreams do you have for your child? What are your hopes for him or her right now – and ten, twenty, even fifty years from now? We spend an enormous amount of energy ensuring our child’s success in school, sports, social life, health, and work. What puts all other life achievements in perspective, however, is a person’s relationship with Jesus. To paraphrase Jesus, “What good is it for our children to succeed in every other area of life, if in the end they fail toward God?”(See Matt. 16:24-26). Peace Youth Ministry helps sixth through twelfth graders grow in a life-changing relationship with Christ. We hope that you along with your son or daughter will mature through: worship, Bible study, servant events, outreach, retreats, and youth gatherings.

The easiest place for your son or daughter to get involved is by being a part of his or her corresponding age-level small group. Casual and non-threatening, these programs have great amounts of interaction between youth and youth, as well as youth and adults. Friends are always welcome! Oftentimes it’s easier to join a new group when you bring someone you know. We love to meet new friends! If your son or daughter is visiting for the first time, call ahead and let us know! While we do everything we can to notice new faces, we need your help to do our best. Finally, like any new experience, some youth may need a few weeks to feel a part of the group. Stick with it and let us know what we can do.

How Can Parents Help?

  1. Realize that Peace only supplements the Christian nurturing you provide as a parent. Your godly attention to and nurturing of your child far outweighs what we can provide in a few hours a week.
  2. Peace provides many different opportunities – choose programs that meet your son’s or daughter’s specific needs.
  3. Model the importance of Jesus Christ in your life. To be honest, you have no right to expect your child to be more involved in the Christian life than you are. Adults need God at least as much as kids.
  4. Volunteer to help. We love to have parents join us! Parents are an important part of our youth program… whether you are driving, chaperoning, or leading a small group. Please join us as your schedule allows. Opportunities for involvement range from a few hours once in a while to yearlong commitments to lead a small group or to serve on our youth ministry team. If you are just not sure, talk to us!